Happy 80th Superman

Today, April 18, 1938, mark’s the 80th anniversary of Superman’s publication in Action Comics 1. The character launched an industry. Now at issue 1,000, Superman is still fighting for truth and justice. He lives on in comics, TV, movies, games and our imagination, reinterpreted and retold over and over.     Part of modern mythology,… Continue reading Happy 80th Superman

Bleak places

This list is prompted by a long road trip I recently took. While driving I endured several of the places listed below. These are the most dehumanizing, soul-crushing, depressing or bleak places that I believe we've created for ourselves in the modern world. Enjoy!Traffic jams - sometimes far removed from recognizable human habitats, highways can be a… Continue reading Bleak places

The vault of Heaven

Here's an excellent tour through memory lane for those of us who owned LEGO as kids and still have fond memories of it. http://gizmodo.com/5018990/lego-secret-vault-contains-all-sets-in-history I recognized several of the sets in the video including the space LEGO and the Technics Jeep.  I remembered the pictures on the fronts of those boxes even 25 and 30… Continue reading The vault of Heaven