Here you’ll find information on my published short stories.

The Sacrifice of Pawns

Kurr di Sarc, historian and scholar is ordered to investigate the disappearance of a ship years ago. As he’s pursued through the depths of the space-going market, Plexis, he must confront a danger greater than he ever imagined. Click for more

The Company Car

When Carlos loses his car in a street race he finds an opportunity to get another, but he gets more than he expected. Company Car was published in the Summer ’08 issue of Storyteller Magazine. Click for more.


In the dead of winter, Windigo stalks the frozen north hunting for victims to feed on or to possess with the hunger for human flesh. Windigo was published in the anthology Mythspring, from Red Deer Press. Click for more.


I posted the following bit of flash fiction (really, really short stories) over at Julie E. Czerneda’s newsgroup. I’m posting it again here just for kicks. Enjoy. Click here to read it.

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