More About Mark

I’ve been writing a mix of science fiction, fantasy and horror since I was young. When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading across multiple genres, though my favourites are generally speculative fiction.

I live with my wife (a kick-ass copy editor) and adorable daughters (not that I’m biased) in Southwestern Ontario.

I’ve written and put aside one novel, then begun and continued working on a second one. I’ve also written a number of short stories, one of which appears in the anthology, Mythspring, from Red Deer Press, edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Genevieve Kierans.

I enjoy the depth that you can develop in a novel, but as a part-time author, the development cycle’s a killer. I’m trying to produce more shorts, because I need the rush of getting a sale in between the years required for a novel.

Another hobby of mine is art. When I was young I took a number of courses at the community centre in my home town. As I got older I put it aside and focused on things I thought I should to get a good job. I took courses in sculpture, painting and cartooning. I still have some of the pieces I did and it’s fun to look at them again.

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