Baseball is stranger than fiction

  Fiction for all that it frees the writer to bend the world to our will can still seem a step too far beyond reality when we create a certain situation or a character. It would be hard to believe that someone could get to the queen's bedroom if Michael Fagan hadn't done it. Or that… Continue reading Baseball is stranger than fiction

The Battle of Christmas Present

In the closing hours of the last day of the long, bloody, soul-wracking 2014 Christmas shopping season, hours before Boxing Day month begins, I must remind every consumer, all of us, to do their duty to the utmost. You must remain strong, resolute, and sharp-eyed for that last item on your list. You must keep your… Continue reading The Battle of Christmas Present

A Canadian highway on a winter night

It's not technically winter, but it feels like it. The snow swirls in the headlights, and the mix of salt and spray from fellow travellers need constant applications of washer fluid. Further on no one's left on the road I'm driving. It's dark, it's isolating, cold, and the air from the car's defroster is drying out my eyes.… Continue reading A Canadian highway on a winter night

A Writer’s Guide to Home Ownership

In a word: Don't. In more words: Don't unless you have the time for another hobby. If you're anything other than a full-time writer then home ownership is a time-consuming endeavour. If you start in a new house that still takes your time. There are upgrades, like painting the walls other than builder's beige, put… Continue reading A Writer’s Guide to Home Ownership

Bleak places

This list is prompted by a long road trip I recently took. While driving I endured several of the places listed below. These are the most dehumanizing, soul-crushing, depressing or bleak places that I believe we've created for ourselves in the modern world. Enjoy!Traffic jams - sometimes far removed from recognizable human habitats, highways can be a… Continue reading Bleak places