A Writer’s Guide to Home Ownership

In a word: Don’t.

In more words: Don’t unless you have the time for another hobby.

If you’re anything other than a full-time writer then home ownership is a time-consuming endeavour.

If you start in a new house that still takes your time. There are upgrades, like painting the walls other than builder’s beige, put in a garden, etc. That takes time. Then you’re in for weekly cleaning, weekly tending to lawn and/or garden.

Eventually, every house becomes a fixer upper. The requirement for maintenance on a weekly, monthly, annual basis grows as your house increases in age. Then it’s repainting, re-landscaping, repairing, and replacing.

All that time is fine if you enjoy fixing things, gardening, or painting. Sometimes that can be good, to get out from behind your writing desk and do something physical that lets your mind wander. But if you have a full-time job, those jobs add up, and can cut into time for writing a lot.

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Guide to Home Ownership”

  1. Even renting a home bites into a lot of writing time. There’s the usual chores, then you have to do upkeep on the garden and ensure that any damage to the house is fixed asap. Nowhere near as much work as owning your own home, but still a time consumer.

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