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Shattering bats might look cool, but they’re really dangerous for both the players and the fans. Why does that happen, and how come bats always seem to snap in the same way?

Source: The Reason Baseball Bats Break Is More Complicated Than You Think


The Barren Field


So, my problem recently is that every now and then I get it into my head, “Hey, I should write a Whatever entry about something,” and then I go through the list of things out there to write about, and by and large the emotion I feel about them is “oh, Jesus, like I give a single shit about that right now.”

And it feels great! I am bathed in enjoyable lassitude about pretty much everything right about now. I don’t imagine it will last — it never does, I’m a cranky bastard — but for the moment? It’s kind of lovely. I think I will appreciate it while it lasts.

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Interstellar is worth the price of admission

Interstellar in IMAX was definitely worth the price of admission for me. I can’t say too much without spoilers, but the story was the most ambitious space movie I’ve seen in a good long time. Visually and aurally impressive, Interstellar felt like it succeeded in reaching for something cosmic while tying it to a very human story.

There were only a few moments where I questioned some of the decisions made by Christopher Nolan in constructing the movie; a few Hollywood-ish moments. But I’d recommend seeing it at a movie theatre.