Day 13: Manageable chunks

It’s common for me to have one hour of free time before me and start stacking up projects to work on in that short span of time. I get a few hours, or an afternoon to write, and I’ll stuff my courier bag full of note books, and writing books and even my sketchbook then set off for the library. At the end of my time, I’ll return home with a decent amount work done, but not the progress I’d foolishly hoped for.

Part of getting on track again is setting realistic goals for my time. I’ve got to stop trying to cram so much into the scant amount of time I have available. It’s like trying to build a house in a day.

I’m focusing down from the list of potential projects. I still think I’ll choose the previously published short storyI mentioned a few days ago. I’ll allow myself to switch projects if I want, but not in the same writing session.

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