Spoilers and twitter (with spoilers)

So Game of Thrones happened this past weekend, and it was a big episode for many fans. Even saying this could be a spoiler to some sensitive types. On Twitter there were blatant spoilers of the episode’s contents by my favourite author:

And of course there was rage. So he responded, in appropriate fashion.

And more spoilers by lots of other people. It’s not surprising to find spoilers on Twitter or any other social network. After all, it’s social. People see something that affects them and they want to share it. That’s the social part of it. But the flow of spoilers was too much for another person I follow:

I like Felicia Day, but really? You’re that mad? If so, then make sure you stay away from these by all means:

Man ruins Game of Thrones with series of novels full of spoilers

It really should be assumed as a certainty that for any major TV show, there will be spoilers on social networks. Just stay off Twitter until you catch up. It’s your responsibility to stay away from spoilers, not for everyone else to not post them, which is why someone went to the trouble to create this:

Banish Game of Thrones Spoilers With This Chrome Extension

It’s amusing, in a cynical way, to see that this is the kind of thing that upsets some people vs. actual problems.

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