Quantum Night, by Robert J. Sawyer – Book review

Quantum Night, by Robert J. Sawyer comes with a full freight of compelling ideas, one after another, and an intriguing set of twists and reveals. Excellent reading. Robert J. Sawyers always make me think, and in this novel, Mr. Sawyer deploys a modified narrative style to convey a densely-packed series of ideas. He's cut down… Continue reading Quantum Night, by Robert J. Sawyer – Book review

Radiant review

Finished Karina Sumner-Smith’s first novel, Radiant, and enjoyed it. The setting is something I haven’t seen before. It’s post apocalyptic on one literal level, but then has a city that floats above the ruins. Powered by magic, it’s a collection of floating towers around a central spire. Sumner-Smith’s description through the book makes it a… Continue reading Radiant review