Ready Player One: An overload of pop culture​ references

Ready Player One is a non-stop rush of pop culture references both visual and in the script. It's a movie about a hunt for Easter eggs that will itself be the subject of a hunt for all the Easter eggs it contains. That seems pretty meta. There's barely a frame or line that goes by… Continue reading Ready Player One: An overload of pop culture​ references

Quantum Night, by Robert J. Sawyer – Book review

Quantum Night, by Robert J. Sawyer comes with a full freight of compelling ideas, one after another, and an intriguing set of twists and reveals. Excellent reading. Robert J. Sawyers always make me think, and in this novel, Mr. Sawyer deploys a modified narrative style to convey a densely-packed series of ideas. He's cut down… Continue reading Quantum Night, by Robert J. Sawyer – Book review

Radiant review

Finished Karina Sumner-Smith’s first novel, Radiant, and enjoyed it. The setting is something I haven’t seen before. It’s post apocalyptic on one literal level, but then has a city that floats above the ruins. Powered by magic, it’s a collection of floating towers around a central spire. Sumner-Smith’s description through the book makes it a… Continue reading Radiant review

Godzilla about what you’d expect

I saw Godzilla on the weekend, and it was pretty much what I would expect from a giant-monster movie. And it was worth seeing in the theatre, but maybe more of a Tuesday night movie (in Canada, Tuesdays are cheaper nights). The effects are good. The monsters are big. Godzilla looks like he should. There… Continue reading Godzilla about what you’d expect

2012: A late review based on a partial viewing

I can't afford to lose anymore intelligence, but I started watching 2012 despite knowing it was bad disaster porn. I'm having trouble articulating why I did this. Maybe to see just how dumb it was, or to see the special effects. I don't remember, but I feel dumber after watching only part of the movie.… Continue reading 2012: A late review based on a partial viewing

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – My Review

When I saw Captain America a few years ago my review was pretty much, "better than I expected," because I had no preconceived opinion or emotional investment in the character. Even going into this second movie, I thought this would be an entertaining film, but Cap was never what Superman was to me, so even… Continue reading Captain America: The Winter Soldier – My Review