Radiant review

Finished Karina Sumner-Smith’s first novel, Radiant, and enjoyed it.

The setting is something I haven’t seen before. It’s post apocalyptic on one literal level, but then has a city that floats above the ruins. Powered by magic, it’s a collection of floating towers around a central spire. Sumner-Smith’s description through the book makes it a beautiful sight on the surface, but darker things hide within the tower walls.

In this setting we meet Xhea, a girl with no magical ability, which makes her the poorest of the poor, barely surviving in the ruins. She’s paired early on with Shai, the quiet, passive ghost of a rich girl from the city above. The bond of friendship that grows between them as they change individually and together is rewarding to read.

Sumner-Smith adds plenty of action and suspense in with the character development and world building. I’m looking forward to her next books.

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