Commercial rant

I tend to watch more TV than I should. I can admit that. As a consequence of watching TV (aside from losing IQ points), I get to see a lot of commercials. A lot of commercials that I consider stupid, infantile, or just bad salesmanship. There are also a host of shows that fall into the same category; stupid, infantile, or just in bad taste.

My wife tells me that they aren’t aimed at me. They’re aimed at a younger (presumably less critical) audience. Supposedly they’re more affluent now and so they have lots of money to toss around. Whether they be commercials for products or for more TV shows, there doesn’t seem to be a lot aimed at me.

And for that I say, thank God!

After seeing these commercials and TV shows, I’m glad I’m slipping below the radar; that I’m no longer the prime target for advertisers and marketers.

I think I’d be more worried if I did understand the reason why people think someone like Tom Green is funny. Or if I laughed at some of the commercials that leave me agape.

I can’t list all the instances that leave me wondering “What the hell was that for?”, but follow the link for a funny commentary on The Lowest Common Denominator.

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