Jungle Fever

Spent a good part of last night (2 1/2 hours) cutting my mother-in-law’s front and side lawn. The grass was, I shit you not, 3 feet tall.  The previous owners hadn’t bothered cutting it in the month before they moved out. She’s been there a week and this is the first chance I’ve had to cut it for her.

This is grass where wild animals could stalk their prey, where you could suddenly find a rusted out hulk of a car, where if you went in without a rope around your waist they’d have to send a search party in to find you.

The mower bogged constantly. It was a job more appropriate for a Combine (farm people will know what this is).  I had four large bags of mulch at the end. And I haven’t even reached the back yard.  That’ll be a separate job.

Still it’s a nice change from sitting on my ass all day in front of a computer at work.

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