Updates after an absence

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this, so I’m due.

In the past two weeks I’ve been having a bit of a crisis regarding the plot of the story. It’s making me question the whole thing. Slowly I’m getting past these doubts, but it’s slow work.

I’ll say straight out that I think I may need to rewrite the last third of the book again. There may be scenes I can salvage, but I don’t like where one of the main characters is going. It also reads a little too slack where there should be mounting tension.

The Bet

Liz and I have made a bet (which I now expect to lose). If I can finish the book before our summer vacation in late July, I win dinner and a movie out (my choice for both). The closer this gets, the more it looks like I’ll need that week to finish the rewrite. Oh well.

Anthology Invitation

Wow! Julie Czerneda invited me to contribute to a new anthology she’s co-editing. She and her co-editor are holding one spot open for an unpublished writer, and I’m one of a very few they asked to submit for this spot. I was inordinately happy when I read the e-mail considering it’s no guarantee.

Now the work begins. I have to decide what to write about within the confines of the anthology’s theme (thankfully this is pretty broad). Then I have to write a good story (easier said than done). Still I’m looking forward to this chance to prove myself and the deadline is five and a half months away.

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