Ad Astra 2007 – tentative schedule

Here’s what I’ll be doing at this year’s Ad Astra convention.

Reading – The Mark and John ( show returns for another appearance.

Urban Fantasy – What is the benefit of putting the magical in the mundane? What inspires an author to set stories in the world in which they live? Does it add or subtract to the sense of immersion in the story?

Video Games and Fiction – “Will videogames have an effect on fiction, as children who grew up playing them start to publish their own stories? Are we already seeing the effects? Is it confined to the more visual medium of comics?”

Lost: Putting Together the Puzzle – Panelists and audience will put together the pieces they know from watching the show and share their theories on what it all means.

Real Issues, Imaginary Worlds – In today’s society issue based stories can seem forced or preachy, but sci fi and fantasy is often used as a medium to discuss real world issues.

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