Ad Astra 2007

The convention is over for another year. It feels too late to write a detailed con report as so many of my friends have.

I shared a reading slot with John Mierau. They say three’s a crowd, and three was the size of our crowd for the reading. Nice to have them too given we were up against a reading by Rob Sawyer at the same time.

This year I participated in four panels without acting as moderator on any of them, which was fine. It made it easier on me. The Urban Fantasy panel was great, since it was stocked with friends. I also enjoyed the Videogames as a source of fiction panel, and the Lost panel. The worst was my Sunday morning panel on real issues in imaginary worlds. I felt unprepared and had very little to say.

I’m terrible at puzzle games, but friends of mine put on an excellent game in support of the Under Cover of Darkness anthology (out now so go buy it).

As usual there seemed too little time to talk to everyone I knew as much as I wanted. Still, it was nice to see them at all and rewarding to talk to several new people, like Jim Hines and Tony Pi (whom I’d actually met briefly before) and Rob St. Martin. And I came home with four new autographed books purchased from the wonderful staff of Bakka Phoenix book store.

Time now for me to rest up for the next con, Polaris (formerly Toronto Trek).

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