Back from World Fantasy Convention 2007

Just one week ago I was in Saratoga Springs at the World Fantasy Convention (probably at the bar), though we were at the time having tea. Scotch came later, as it always does at these things.

I had a good time that weekend and I’m being lazy in not having posted something about it until now. So it goes.Theresa Nielsen Hayden makes a mean drink btw; Everclear and something orange. That stuff will knock you on your ass.

My wingmen John Mierau and Kell Brown were excellent company on the caffeine and red bull-fueled drive across New York, despite and the subsequent stay and return journey. Thanks to them I caved to peer pressure and bought an iPod.

I met a number of very nice people, some of whom I haven’t seen since last year, and some whom I’ve never met before. Room parties were fun (see mention of orange Everclear and Scotch). Meals were good with the exception of Saturday night, which involved a disgraceful display of customer service.

I didn’t buy nearly as many books as I thought I might. I blame my already high stack of books to read. At this point it might topple over and kill someone if I don’t start reducing it soon.

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