Focus or Flip?

I have a lot of stories on the go. I make progress on them at random. My current problem is that I’m not finishing any of them. By flipping from one story to the next I’m starting to feel like I might not reach the end of any of them in a while. And this is generally a case of writing multiple stories at once, not editing one while writing another.

It feels like it’s time for me to focus on stories one at a time and start finishing what I start.

How do other authors like to work? Do you have multiple projects on the go at once?

1 thought on “Focus or Flip?”

  1. For me, it’s lack of flipping focus!

    I manage three writing sessions a week right now, working to make it six or seven before I’m happy.

    But I’m not completing anything, because of the flip. I tried for the last several months to write whatever I wanted, believing writing was the key.

    Not so.

    Finishing is the key. Heinlein was right.

    So. My mini-nano challenge to myself: finish one of these stories by the first of the month. Then start another. When that second one is done, return to proofread the first.

    Then rinse and repeat.

    My new experiment for December is to finish that second story, edit and send out the first one, and to focus not on flipping, but on physicality as characterization.

    Then tread on my first readers in the busiest month to send me feedback!

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