Covertly carrying cupcakes

Ad Astra was good. I came home very tired and would have slept through the Backyardigans after dinner except that Monique kept watch on me and woke me up repeatedly.


  • Ate, Drank, Danced
  • I won 2 free books and bought 2 others
  • Talked and talked and talk to lots of people
  • Attended two very enjoyable book launches
  • Got in a water fight at the dance (totally not my fault)
  • Panelled a few times as both panelist and audience member
  • Didn’t read, didn’t write
  • Helped carry cupcakes around the hotel in as covert manner as possible
  • Sat in the dark in friends’ room as part of Earth
  • Talked some more and then said my goodbyes to many until next Ad Astra

The book launches were good. And just to pimp my friends, even though they’re probably the only ones reading this; the first was for Goblin War by[info]jimhines. He employed the audience to act as a goblin chorus to funny effect. He gave away prizes, one of which I won (collected by my minion,[info]ksumnersmith).

The second book launch was for Misspelled, edited by Julie E. Czerneda. The game this year was fun. I missed the sign up Friday (and I suck at puzzles) so I didn’t participate, but [info]ksumnersmith, [info]thesandtiger, and [info]cristalia put on a fun game for the people who did enter. It was also great to see a number of authors I know up there for their first sale, like [info]talyesin, Kell Brown, and Marc McKay.

3 thoughts on “Covertly carrying cupcakes”

  1. For those who are reading this entry, just a warning. Any time someone makes an announcement like “Got in a water fight” but then tacks “totally not my fault” on the end, you have to know it totally was his fault.

    And, fyi. Rob is telling people that he won the water fight. So, don’t try to tell anyone otherwise. 😛

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