Great geek weekend

This past weekend two great shows aired their season premieres; Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.

It looked as though the FX crew on Battlestar cranked things up a notch or two. The opening battle scene was nothing short of spectacular. As impressive as the Star Wars movies. It worked well to set up some new story threads, like what the hell happened Starbuck? What was it the cylons did to Sam, implant new orders or programming? Was Tigh’s daydream of shooting Adama indicative of his fear of what he would do? Baltar’s set-up as a messiah figure is something I’ll have to wait on and see. I’m not sure if it makes sense yet.

And Doctor Who. Interesting new pairing with the Doctor and Donna. I like that they’re dropping the sexual tension of the last year. The story functioned well enough to serve as a vehicle for pairing Donna and the Doctor; mostly light and fun. But what the F#@#? Rose? I can’t wait to see where that tease leads to.

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