Eyes fully lasered

Here I am, back on the computer at home after just one day.

Everything went along very well and very quickly. The surgery was pain free. The only thing I felt was some pressure at the stage where they cut the flap open. And that just felt like someone pushing down on my eye. I was there for about 2 hours, but the procedure itself was only a few minutes long.

I went to the optometrist this morning for a 1day-later check up and my vision is now 20/20.

I have some eye drops to take every hour for the first 48 hours and  some refreshing drops too. My eyes don’t have any burning, tearing, or itching. They feel really good.

9 thoughts on “Eyes fully lasered”

  1. congrats!

    Though I will miss the way spectacles magnified that deep, ponderous thousand mile stare into something truly creepy (especially with the beard, man you were starting to look like Stephen King dream-casting!

  2. Glad to hear it went so well, and hope your healing process continues smoothly. And wow, first Jana, then you — if this keeps up, I’ll be the only one left who needs glasses. *g*

    1. Ah, but you can fake your way through with the glasses-less crowd since you only seem to need them occasionally. You’re lucky. Jana and I were practically blind without ours.

    2. “if this keeps up, I’ll be the only one left who needs glasses. *g*”

      Ah, no, Karina, I can’t afford laser surgery for my presbyopia, so I’m stuck with the bifocals.

      Although I got a really bike-geekish pair of Louis Garneau sports glasses this year.

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