Star Trek watching

Rewatching some Star Trek original series episodes over the past little while. When I received the remastered DVDs I watched all my favourite episodes. Recently I decided to watch some of the less impressive episodes (in my opinion).

I started with The Man Trap, then Charlie X, Mudd’s Women, What are Little Girls Made of, Miri, Dagger of the Mind, Conscience of the King, and Squire of Gothos. These are the ones that I never liked when I was young and all I could get was what CBC or the local Fox affiliate served up on Saturday afternoons.

Tonight’s first episode was Return of the Archons. Even Kirk talking Landru into self-destructing couldn’t save this episode.

Taste of Armageddon was next up. This episode was an improvement on Return of the Archons, but damn, Ambassador Fox is THE WORST diplomat I can recall.

1 thought on “Star Trek watching”

  1. I’ll check to check out the original series some time. My wife and I are currently on season 7 of TNG. We started watching it with the sole intention of making fun of the whole thing because of the cult that surrounds all the series. But… then we… were intrigued… we kept watching… and now we’re closet trekies 😉

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