Day 8: Indecisiveness

One of the writing problems I’m trying to counter now is indecisiveness. There are so many possibilities each time I start to write a story that it starts to feel like playing an RPG. I start exploring the different paths that lead from different decisions and very quickly I have scenes and alternate scenes and alternates to the alternates. This led to a novel that’s as linear as a rabbit warren. The story’s a mess. The characters are good at their core, I believe, but their backstory is a jumble of multiple motivations and conflicting events.

So what to do? Tuck that story in a virtual trunk or drawer and move on.

I think at it’s root the indecisiveness is an extension of cowardice. I don’t have faith in that story, and so I’m not brave enough to commit to just one path. I have to realize that it’s not a video game.

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