Movies, movies, movies

In just over a week I’ve seen three movies. And all three have been well worth the price of admission.

First up was X-Men: Days of Future Past, the first of two time travel movies I saw. I never read the original comic book version of this story, so I can’t comment on its faithfulness, but the movie version was enjoyable in its own right. It was nice seeing some of the versions of characters I’ve become familiar with from past movies in the franchise, even if Ellen Page and Halle Barry don’t have much to do. It’s fun watching early versions of the characters in action, played by a good cast.

Next was Edge of Tomorrow, which was like a more violent, action themed Groundhog Day. There are a lot of similarities between Edge of Tomorrow and Groundhog Day. A character trapped in time, repeating events, trying to get himself out of the loop. Surprisingly Edge of Tomorrow also has flashes of humour based on the circumstances the protagonist finds himself in.

The third movie was How to Train Your Dragon 2. This one was different in tone overall, but still had some serious moments and more mature themes, corresponding with most of the main characters reaching early adulthood. It was visually inspired. The creature design of the many species of dragons was fantastic, and the setting and landscapes fantastic.

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