Absent friends and time for reflection

Cleaning up some spam and performing some admin work on the blog, I came across comments on old posts from when this was originally hosted on LiveJournal (it was a different internet epoch then). Out of curiosity, I followed the links from some of those commenters back to LiveJournal and was surprised that a number of them were still there. Not that they were active mind you, dust and cobwebs lay thick on those old haunts. Frankly, I’m surprised they’re still there. One hadn’t been active in 11 years. But the most recently active was just three years ago, a brief entry from a friend who’s no longer with us, Ruth Stuart. The entry was about her plans for NaNoWriMo and having not been on LiveJournal for a while. [Wood Dragon’s Nest]

It was a reminder that despite our plans, life often has other plans; ones we don’t see coming.

We all face a constant struggle to make time to do the writing, or art, or anything creative when you face demands on your time from family, work, social outings with friends, errands, chores, and any of a hundred obligations to which you’re subject.

“I’ll get to that story later.”

“I’ll write that novel soon.”

“I’ll draw tomorrow.”

“I’ll do that thing I planned to do when there’s time, and I’m not so busy.”

But when you constantly put things off until tomorrow, sometimes you run out of tomorrows.

So today, on what would have been her birthday, I will think of her and sit down to write before all the day’s obligations start to intrude on my time.



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