A quick update on writing and stuff

Writing Need to do a proof pass to see if my novelette is as error free as I can make it. Plan to do some outlining to expand on my short story as my experiment in scriptwriting. Practicing writing through fan fiction; another 400 words the other night. Reading Finished An Astronaut's Guide to Life… Continue reading A quick update on writing and stuff

What Star Trek games need

Star Trek needs an RPG, deep character development, and a story. The reason most Star Trek games fail is that the game developers and publishers don't recognize what makes Star Trek Star Trek. Star Trek has action, and ideas, and morality lessons. But more than that it has great characters that interact and form friendships… Continue reading What Star Trek games need

Your cheatin’ heart

Last night as a way of "relaxing" I decided to put in a little track time with GT4 (a racing simulator for the Playstation). The air quotes started to settle around my relaxing experience pretty early on. I started a race and quickly found myself falling behind my computer-controlled competitors. It wasn't that I lost… Continue reading Your cheatin’ heart