Mass Effected

I spent a lot of time playing Mass Effect recently. Probably 150 hours taking all 3 games into account. Way too long according to my wife. But then EA and Bioware released the last DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 and it felt like the right time to dive in. In tone, it’s certainly different from the rest of the game. It’s got quips and fun and old companions coming together one last time. As a send-off for our virtual crewmates it’s great. As Shepard says at the end, it’s “the best.”

Coinciding with the Citadel DLC, the original Mass Effect game came out for PS3. Even though it’s a six-year old game, I had played it just once, before giving up my PC for a Mac.

I bought the first game, pulled my discs for ME2 and 3 out of their drawer, loaded up on DLC, and sat down to play through the entire trilogy, from that first shot of Shepard looking out Normandy’s window all the way to the controversial end, whichever colour that is.


I made myself a female Shepard, because of the voice acting by Jennifer Hale, and also because having a female in the central role of saving the galaxy is pretty cool, like Ellen Ripley in Aliens, but on a larger scale.

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