Merrill Collection booklaunch for Mythspring

March 22 Liz and Monique and I left for Toronto, and met up with my parents and sister for a nice dinner before the launch. Realized then I had left my good pen back home. Had to borrow one out of the car. Oh well. My friend Dave was waiting for us when we got… Continue reading Merrill Collection booklaunch for Mythspring

Holy shit, I’m in a book!

Wow! My two copies of Mythspring arrived today! Which means violating one of the rules of writing and overusing exclamation marks! !!!!!!!!!!!I'm in an actual book that will be in actual bookstores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very happy right now, though I know it's hard for you, the casual observer, to see this. I'll even be signing copies… Continue reading Holy shit, I’m in a book!