Merrill Collection booklaunch for Mythspring

March 22 Liz and Monique and I left for Toronto, and met up with my parents and sister for a nice dinner before the launch. Realized then I had left my good pen back home. Had to borrow one out of the car. Oh well.

My friend Dave was waiting for us when we got to the library lobby. Once upstairs in the Merrill collection we saw that Julie, Karina, and Jana were already there, as was Ruth and Roger. Dave introduced me to his friend Chris, and I also saw Isaac when he arrived. I met Roben Goodfellow and her husband and Lorne Kates arrived not long after.

Spent time mingling, meeting and signing, which was a whole lot of fun. Genevieve arrived later and the formal part of the launch began. The authors stood up one by one and spoke to the audience about the inspiration for their stories. After that, Julie did a reading from one of Genevieve’s stories. As always she did it well.

We did more signing after the formal part of the night was out. Unfortunately I couldn’t get Genevieve’s sinature at the time. The event had tired her too much and it was too late, so her caregivers had to take her home.

By ten the library staff finally kicked out those of us who remained.

I have to say I loved the launch. Hopefully it’s not too long before I get something new sold and maybe do it all over again.

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