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Defiant, by Karina Sumner-Smith – book review

23130269Defiant, by Karina Sumner-Smith, is the follow-up novel to her debut, Radiant, and the middle chapter of her Towers Trilogy. Picking up two months after the conclusion of Radiant, the book continues the story of Xhea, a girl with no place in a world running on magic, her friend, Shai, the ghost of a girl from the rich floating city, and what happens when the unwanted pair become the focus of powerful people. The book tells a fast-moving story fraught with danger in clear, readable prose and builds to a climax that packs an emotional punch.

Her dual protagonists Xhea and Shai continue to engage me as their friendship deepens and survives further tests. Sumner-Smith also expands Xhea’s background and history with some surprising reveals.

In Defiant, Sumner-Smith also builds unexpected depth to her setting from Radiant, which is a cool combination of post-apocalypse and fantasy, completely unlike the tired secondary worlds in most fantasy novels.

Immediately on finishing Defiant, I had to dive right into the concluding book in the trilogy, Towers Fall to see how it all turns out.


So, the writing

Writing this past few months has been terrible. I could blame my job, for which I spent 2009 managing a team of writers and carrying twice the number of duties; or I could say I had to spend more time with my family because of our infant daughter (now a toddler). In the end though, I just hit a lack of motivation.

I spent much of the year thinking what I should write. I’ve grown tired of the never-ending novel; who wouldn’t? And short stories aren’t really doing anything for me.

I think then that it’s time to try something new.

Novel revisions

Got through the rewrite of the first chapter and started the second chapter this past weekend. So far it’s going well. I had the cottage to myself so I was able to really work fast.

I was also able to start marking up the hardcopy of chapter 2.