Another month passes with very little done

I spent some time, while at my parents’ place in Northern Ontario, excavating many long buried projects in an effort to bring more content to the web site. And also to see if there wasn’t something I could re-animate into a valid project.

I discovered to my chagrin a large number of Star Trek-based projects. Somehow these had slipped from my memory. These included several short stories and a half-completed screenplay for Star Trek: The Next Generation. One that I hadn’t forgotten, but is still pretty much a dead end is a novel. I had actually completed the full text of a first draft, which stands at 320 pages.

I also revised one of my formerly completed short short stories (490 words), which I plan on posting here. It doesn’t seem to have much of a chance of selling, so I figure why not put it up where at least a few people can read it.

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