Ad Astra 2004

Had a great time at the convention this year. I got two very important things from the convention this year.

The first was a a creative recharge, due almost exclusively to the company of a group that came together on Julie Czerneda’s newsgroup. I’ve found them friendly and supportive and receiveing several offers to read the newest version of the manuscript, including by Julie, was a great feeling.

The second was a panel I attended on part-time writers. It helped put things in a new perspective. In fact, it changed my outlook on working and writing quite a bit. I had always thought I should be working towards writing full-time, and feeling frustrated because I’m nowhere near that goal. I was also feeling stuck in a job that I felt was only something I’d have to do until I could write full-time.

It had never occurred to me that writing part-time while still having a career was something that some writers preferred. I had always thought that everyone would be working towards writing full time.

My writing is more enjoyable now that I’m looking at it as something that could earn some extra income for the family. I’m still hoping to get published, but I’m no longer frustrated because I’m behind in becoming a full-time writer.

All I have to do now is develop my main, money-earning career, which has to this point been something I considered just a job until I became a novelist.

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