The year so far

Commuting really blows

Liz and I are out of the house far too long. It was worse in the winter; leaving when it was dark and coming home when it was dark. Since we’re travelling about 65 km each way we’re really racking up mileage on the car. It’s close to running out of warranty a year ahead of schedule.

The house is still great

Even though our basement is a disaster area right now, Liz and I are still feeling great about the house. Since my parents moved, we’ve received everything I had stored in their basement and haven’t found a place for much of it yet. I can’t believe they still had some of my toys from when I was a kid.

Writing slowly but surely

I’m still writing what I’m now calling “The Novel That Ate My Life”. I’ve been going to the library on a regular basis in the time between when I leave work and when I have to pick Liz up at the train station. I’m making slow but steady progress on things. Unfortunately the place doesn’t have enough spots to plug the laptop in and it’s overrun by high school students.

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