Updates, updates, updates, get ’em here

October 31: We had a Girl!Monique Anne, born October 31 at 10:25 in the morning.She’s so darn cute.

November 4: We took Monique home today and spent our first evening alone with her. If anything this was more nerve wracking than her birth. At least at the hospital we had the nurses to fall back on if things were difficult or we had questions. Now it’s just the three of us for the first time.

November 8: Went back to work and found it tiring to say the least. I’m running on very little sleep. Since then we’ve fallen into a bit of a routine. I’m getting more sleep than the first few nights, which were hard.We’ve taken hundreds of pictures of our little one so far, and there are more to come I’m sure.Moniques extended family and our friends have sent lots of cards and good wishes. We’re looking forward to showing her off to more people, but not until we have a better handle on the feeding/sleeping cycle.

November 13: We’re sure she’s smiled at us. Maybe it’s gas, but it sure looked like a smile.

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