Location, location, location

I spent this past weekend writing at the cottage.  The weather for mid-late April was fantastic; warm and sunny without much wind. So nice in fact that I spent the bulk of my time writing outside near the lake with either a beer or coffee. During breaks I watched the ice breaking up out on the water.

It felt like a great place to sit and write, given the choice. But I can’t be there every time I want to write. Most often I write at home in the basement, or at the university library. I used to write at work in past jobs, but currently socialize with my coworkers. I can write in coffee shops and make progress (despite what John Scalzi might say about that), but usually only when I can’t find somewhere more convenient or private.

Overall though the location doesn’t have a large impact on my productivity. A large crowd can make it harder to settle into a rhythm, but it doesn’t take much longer than working in silence. And while I’m up north the view can be almost as distracting as a crowded coffee shop.

So location isn’t a big factor. Really, the thing that throws off my productivity is quick access to the internet. It’s a gateway to a million distractions. Like right now. I’m writing, but not writing a story. Time to get back to that.

So what about you other writers, have any favourite places you write? Where have you found yourself unable to write? Does location affect you at all?

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