2 thoughts on “Rejected”

  1. Hey I’ve read your last post and I think, as you know, you shouldn’t give up. I guess that when it comes to being a writer, you should just give up on your ego. I say that because I write too, and I believe that if you do have an ego you will give up on the first rejection. I’m still struggling to get my first story published…so there you go. Congratulations anyway for the other two that have been published.
    Sorry about the bad English, it’s not my first language. I’m from Brazil… Love your blog by the way!

    1. Thanks! Glad to know someone’s reading it.

      It is a grind to go through the multiple rejections, but I’ve been doing this for years now and I’m almost used to it. You’re right about putting your ego aside.

      Good luck with you’re writing. Hopefully you get you’re first sale soon.

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