Alan Moore’s going to hate me

I saw Watchmen twice this past weekend and liked the movie better than the book.

Here’s why:

  • the ending tied into the characters more coherently: Having the explosions in multiple cities look like the work of Dr. Manhattan used the concept of him as a god-like character rather than the book’s alien squid, which came of left field.
  • It didn’t include the Black Freighter, which was a big chunk of sideline material that was world building, but just went on and on.
  • visually the movie was incredible, whereas the art in the book never did much for me.

Okay, so now for where the movie didn’t work as well:

  • it was a little too much in love with its fight scenes. For someone who’s supposed to be out of shape, Niteowl kicks a whole lot of ass. So does Silk Spectre. I didn’t really buy it.

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