Star Trekked

I’ve put my money towards the Star Trek sequel (seeing it 5 times), because it was probably the most fun I’ve had at a movie in years. I had planned to review the movie initially, but there are billions of bytes already taken up with those. Instead I just wanted to say what it meant to me.

As a long time trek fan, this movie, was pretty much everything I’d hoped it would be: fun, exciting, funny and moving. It also cleared what I feared would be the biggest hurdle; that it wouldn’t respect its source material. I was quite happy how they treated the characters, how they respected the spirit of the original, and how they forged a new path (boldly going) without nullifying everything that’s come before.

I can’t wait to see what they do next.

1 thought on “Star Trekked”

  1. Yep, it is GREAT FUN. I was dubious at first when my son insisted it was his choice–but as usual, HE was right–I’m still enjoying it. I posted about it because the bit with the young Kirk joyriding, well, it remminded me of other things. But I really got a kick out of that escapade. Well done all around.

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