Trek into Abrams

Saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, and It was very big and loud and explosive and dramatic. Those are the good points. But I’d still rate it closer to the bottom out of 11 movies. Definitely Above Final Frontier, Generations, and Insurrection. Above Nemesis too, but below the rest. So that’s 7th best out 11, based solely on its visual and aural merits.

Spoilers follow

I started to lose interest after the reveal that John Harrison is actually Khan. That wasn’t surprising to me. Superior strength, intellect; who else would they make him? An original character? No.

Nimoy’s cameo was cool, but he didn’t impart much knowledge to the crew they didn’t already know. It didn’t seem that he did.

Khan’s blood, was going to save Kirk. Knew that as soon as we saw McCoy injecting it into the tribble. And that completely sucked any emotion out of Kirk’s apparent sacrifice. At least when they did that scene in Wrath of Khan they waited until the next movie to bring Spock back from the dead.

And I should not nitpick about physics when we have a setting with warp drive and transporters, but holy shit, falling to earth in moments when their battle with the dreadnought was closer to the moon was just such a willful disregard of physics (the last straw really, but then several more followed) that at that point I was just waiting for the movie to close out. The other points about magic blood and Kirk’s “sacrifice” came after.

Star Wars can have J.J. Abrams. I just hope the next movie fares better. Or even better, put it back on TV where it really belongs.

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