Godzilla about what you’d expect

I saw Godzilla on the weekend, and it was pretty much what I would expect from a giant-monster movie. And it was worth seeing in the theatre, but maybe more of a Tuesday night movie (in Canada, Tuesdays are cheaper nights). The effects are good. The monsters are big. Godzilla looks like he should. There… Continue reading Godzilla about what you’d expect

2012: A late review based on a partial viewing

I can't afford to lose anymore intelligence, but I started watching 2012 despite knowing it was bad disaster porn. I'm having trouble articulating why I did this. Maybe to see just how dumb it was, or to see the special effects. I don't remember, but I feel dumber after watching only part of the movie.… Continue reading 2012: A late review based on a partial viewing

Alan Moore’s going to hate me

I saw Watchmen twice this past weekend and liked the movie better than the book. Here's why: the ending tied into the characters more coherently: Having the explosions in multiple cities look like the work of Dr. Manhattan used the concept of him as a god-like character rather than the book's alien squid, which came… Continue reading Alan Moore’s going to hate me