A person in a place has a problem

That person is me. The place is my basement, at the moment. The problem is getting back on track with writing.

Looking back on my past posts, I’ve made this complaint before. So this is an extended problem. The best way to get past it is to just sit my ass in the chair and start beating my head against the keyboard. Or maybe I’ll use my fingers to type. That might be more productive.

So here I go with a challenge to start getting my flabby-ass writing muscles back in shape.

“That should be really, fucking exciting,” you say to yourself in a sarcastic tone. And you’d be right to do so. My challenge to myself is to write about writing. Specifically all about my writing exercise program and some of its results.

If I can eke out even a few paragraphs a day in the beginning, I’ll consider it a success, or at least progress.

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