Balancing it all

This is a short entry because it’s getting late and I should shower and get to bed soon. I’m only getting to this after walking the dog, a day at the office, making my girls’ dinner (warming up dinner really), driving the dad taxi for one daughter, walking the dog, spending time with my other daughter, driving the dad taxi again to pick up my girl, and running on the treadmill.

Probably not surprising that I didn’t get to the project I need to finish for my certificate. Lucky for me the due date is early June.

Also not surprising that I didn’t get to any fiction writing tonight.

What I need to do is get better at planning my time and organizing. But there’s not a lot of optional activities that I can cut from a day like today.  I’ve already cut video gaming out of my schedule, which was surprisingly easy. I’ve cut down on social media (except for this, which counts as writing).

I’ll just have to be more careful with my time and keep juggling everything.


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