Year-end Highlights & Lowlights

Looking back over the year it’s been an up and down year. On a high note we finally moved out of the hated condo (hated by me) and into a nice house. We had a great trip to London this summer. The last of the Lord of the Rings movie came out and fulfilled my expectations. I was also able to finally attend a Worldcon, something that was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately there were bad times to offset the good. A death in the family came as a real blow to us. Also, several friends and a family member continue to have bad luck looking for work.

On the writing front, the move and the subsequent alteration to our schedule put a big hit on the time available to write. Compared to last year, when I completed two whole drafts of the book, I was only able to finish part of the third draft this year.

I’m coming up with a few schemes to make more time, and am taking advantage of the library as a good place to do some work.

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