Toronto Trek 2004 convention report


  • Packed and stopped at the Beer Store on the way out of town.
  • Picked up John and drove in after stops to get wine and groceries.
  • Checked in to hotel.
  • Ran into Nathan almost immediately.
  • Registered at con and ran into Dan.
  • Hooked up with Nathan again and checked out the charity auction (some interesting items present).
  • Went to hotel bar for a coffee and pitched John my idea for a new short story.
  • Looked through dealer’s room and was very tempted by a number of swords there.
  • Bumped into Julie and Roger briefly as familiar faces started to congregate (or aggregate) as they do at these events, and they’re good to see.
  • Went to dinner with John, Lara, Tim, Mary, Rob and Lara’s friend Jennifer (had a great discussion about free medicine, Tolkien and teaching).
  • At Klingon Karaoke, John signed up a number of us for Sweet Home Alabama.
  • Got dragged onto the dance floor (and have a scratch to prove it) for the Macarena (though there don’t seem to be any clear pictures to incriminate me).
  • Escaped with the group before having to do any singing.
  • Talked Roger into sharing some Scotch with John and I (not a difficult thing to do) before turning in for the night.


  • John and I grabbed breakfast at Harvey’s (mmmm, congealed grease).
  • Newsgroup gathering was fun with many friends (got to see Annette’s picture book {Wow!}). Also talked to Julie about story idea (which developed as I talked about it).
  • Went to see Stephanie Romanov (Lilah from Angel) and then ducked out to one of see Julie’s panels.
  • Picked up lunch from con volunteer’s table by accident (oops) and sat in the consuite for a while, until we had to escape.
  • Went to the advanced swordplay panel, which was interesting for learning what to look for in a sword, though I’m more interested in swords for display than actual use as the panel leaned towards.
  • Dinner at Milestone’s with almost everyone, unfortunately we couldn’t all sit together, but there was a lot of visiting between tables.
  • Had a few drinks up in the room with John and Jana then off to the masquerade.
  • Discovered at the masquerade just how loud Jana can scream.
  • Had a few more drinks in consuite I think (uh oh, that’s getting to be a theme).
  • Danced, which is always more fun than I expect.
  • Gathered in room with Nathan, Andrew, Nicole, Roger, Ruth, Kevin, Chris, Sarah, Karina, Jana and Julie.


  • Up far too early for breakfast at Tim’s with John, Kevin, Nathan and Miranda.
  • Started out at panel for Space: The Imagination Station (who cancelled DS9, damn them) and ducked out to go see The Art of War for SF & F.
  • Caught Rob Sawyer’s reading from his forthcoming book Mindscan (not available until April 2005).
  • Went to Harvey’s for lunch with newsgroup.
  • Talked writing with Lara, pitched her my idea for a new short story.
  • Went for post-lunch coffee with John and Tim and had a good conversation about politics and religion.
  • Caught Sarah on the Fantasy: Recommended Reading panel (looking forward to trying some of her recommendations).
  • Slowly said goodbye to everyone before driving home again through lightning, thunder and some really good downpours.

The tally of friendly faces at the con

  • Amanda and Peter
  • Annette and family
  • Chris
  • Don Bassie
  • Erin and family
  • Jana
  • Jane
  • Jihane
  • John
  • Josh
  • Julie and Roger Czerneda
  • Karina
  • Kel
  • Kevin
  • Lara and Robbie
  • Lorne
  • Miranda
  • Nathan
  • Nicole and Andrew
  • Ross
  • Ruth
  • Sarah
  • Tim and Marie
  • Tordak

I’m probably missing someone, but I can’t remember. Sorry.

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