2012: A late review based on a partial viewing

I can't afford to lose anymore intelligence, but I started watching 2012 despite knowing it was bad disaster porn. I'm having trouble articulating why I did this. Maybe to see just how dumb it was, or to see the special effects. I don't remember, but I feel dumber after watching only part of the movie.… Continue reading 2012: A late review based on a partial viewing

The Not So Amazing Spider-Man 2

I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with my daughter today. It was less than amazing, which was disappointing since Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have some pretty good chemistry (IMO). They're cute as hell together. But the movie is a mess. There are plot contrivances, plot holes and plot inexplicability. Character motivation is pretty arbitrary… Continue reading The Not So Amazing Spider-Man 2

Astronauts are so damn cool

Reading Christopher Hadfield's book, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, I started to feel lazy; a lazy underachiever. Against a guy who's done so much (astronaut, I.S.S. Commander, fighter pilot, top test pilot, engineer) how can anyone not be a bit intimidated by that? What struck me was how thorough astronauts are. They plan… Continue reading Astronauts are so damn cool

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – My Review

When I saw Captain America a few years ago my review was pretty much, "better than I expected," because I had no preconceived opinion or emotional investment in the character. Even going into this second movie, I thought this would be an entertaining film, but Cap was never what Superman was to me, so even… Continue reading Captain America: The Winter Soldier – My Review

Spoilers and twitter (with spoilers)

So Game of Thrones happened this past weekend, and it was a big episode for many fans. Even saying this could be a spoiler to some sensitive types. On Twitter there were blatant spoilers of the episode's contents by my favourite author: https://twitter.com/StephenKing/status/455527996343209984 And of course there was rage. So he responded, in appropriate fashion.… Continue reading Spoilers and twitter (with spoilers)

What Star Trek games need

Star Trek needs an RPG, deep character development, and a story. The reason most Star Trek games fail is that the game developers and publishers don't recognize what makes Star Trek Star Trek. Star Trek has action, and ideas, and morality lessons. But more than that it has great characters that interact and form friendships… Continue reading What Star Trek games need